Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best...

by Joseph Russell · June 17, 2008

    Wind turbines and solar panels coming to Hubbard County Park, but they'll be "elegant." [Southampton Press]

    Remember those naughty masseuses we told you about? Turns out the ladies weren't naughty; their neighbors just didn't like them. [Newsday]

    Nick and Toni's is doing a $38 prix fixe that includes wine? If only we could snag a table. [Hamptons.com]

    $5,000 if you can name this man. Or this one. [Newsday]

    Those of you Sag Harborers pissed off about the "election" of the new superintendent John Gratto can voice your displeasure at the high school library tonight. [Hamptons.com]