Eavesdropping Is What Guests Do Best...

by GofG Public · July 24, 2009

    The vandals that burned the giant dollar sign symbol into the East Hampton HS football field claimed in a letter that the purpose behind their actions was because East Hampton is fiscally irresponsible. Well, now the town has to add $65,000 to their budget to fix the vandalism. How ironic. [EHS]

    Eco-savvy Hamptons residents have a bone to pick with Mayor Bloomberg and the piles of his pamphlets littering their front yards. [NYP]

    Is the luxury Hamptons home market crashing to the ground? Only 37 houses and condominiums priced at more than $2.36 million sold in the Hamptons and on Long Island’s North Fork [Bloomberg]

    Car Doctor in in Bridgehampton is used to servicing luxury cars, but they were in complete shock when asked to give a thorough going-over of a pair of Bugatti Veyrons. This was a huge deal considering that each car is worth approxmiately $2.5 million dollars [EHP]