Rachelle's Reading List: Monday, January 10th, 2011

by Rachelle Hruska · January 10, 2011

    First, Happy Palindrome Day! (1102011). Today I get you caught up on everything that happened over the weekend, like the rumor that FBook was shutting down in March. Also, Steve Jobs giving IBM the thumbs up, a war between fans (BSpears and Gaga) on Twitter and the coming of the Verizon iPhone. Plus! Four Loko as car fuel?!

    1. Tragedy in Arizona this weekend.

    The stories of the story that caught my attention as follows:

    Climate of Hate by Paul Krugman [NYT]

    Statements following the shooting by Boehner, Obama and Pelosi [ION]

    Let's Get This Straight. [TKTC]

    Jared Loughner's YouTube video screencapped (20 slides) [SoupSoup]

    SarahPac Image. [ION]

    Video: Pres Obama's remarks on the shooting today. [Atlantic]

    2. 20 Things that became obsolete this decade. Bookstores is #1:( [HuffPo]

    3. You would be really nuts to go to law school these days. [NYT]

    4. Do you recognize this library? It's Karl Langerfeld's, and it's one of the photos that Todd Selby picked as his favorite shot from 2010. Go browse through the others here: [TheSelby]

    5. Social Animal. What the science of human nature can teach us. Researchers have made strides in understanding the human mind, filling the hole left by the atrophy of theology and philosophy. [New Yorker]

    6. The Atlantic weeps for the sad, slutty drunk girl. Jezebel vs. Atlantic. [Jezebel]

    7. Check out this photo of a young Steve Jobs saluting IBM. [MinMac]

    8. The top 10 ads of 2010 according to effectiveness by the Ace Metrix. [AceM]

    9. This weekend, there was a war going on across Twitter land. China vs Zuckerberg? Palin's role in gunmen gone wild? Nope, it was Britney Spears fans vs. Lady Gaga fans. And it got ugly. [Twitter]

    BTW. Britney's new single, "Hold it Against Me" is out and you can listen to it here: [Z100]

    10. Tomorrow, Verizon will unleash it's version of the iPhone 4. This has a lot of people in a frenzy over whether or not their product and network will surpass AT&T. Here is what we know for sure so far: [Gizmodo]

    11. Art! From Smithsonian Magazine, a look at the surreal works of 16th century artist Giuseppe Acrimboldo:

    The job of a renaissance court portraitist was to produce likenesses of his sovereigns to display at the palace and give to foreign dignitaries or prospective brides. It went without saying the portraits should be flattering. Yet, in 1590, Giuseppe Arcimboldo painted his royal patron, the Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II, as a heap of fruits and vegetables (opposite). With pea pod eyelids and a gourd for a forehead, he looks less like a king than a crudité platter. [InOtherNews]

    12. The forgotten legacy of The Jenny McCarthy Show. My sister and I used to embarrassingly love "Singled Out" on MTV, where McCarthy got her start. Her solo show that followed, I was mildly into. However, it is cool to see the effect she had on comedians and follow the Awl through a blast from our pasts. [Awl]

    13. I loved the Sunday Styles piece on the Missoni Family. Titled "Fashion Family Finds a Kindred Spirit in Outsider Art," this photo (of Tatiana Santo Domingo, left, and Eugenie Niarchos, center, with Margherita Missoni), was the start of a colorful journey into their chic world: [NYT]

    14. A company in Virginia is turning the popular banned Four Loko drink into car fuel! [NYM]

    15. This article, on the differences between Chinese mothers to their American counterparts is making it's way around the web. In short, Chinese mothers are superior. [WSJ]

    16. The Pizza Planet Truck (left) is really popular in children movies. This is cute. [InOtherNews]

    17. The Pink Pony case study. If you had to prove ROI at kiddie parties. Funny! [Pony]

    18. Genuine Ken. Well, this is something. "Mattel has gone and made a doll-promoting product-placement reality series called Genuine Ken: The Search for the Great American Boyfriend, hosted by Whitney Port. They've rolled out a preview clip and a fascinating website introducing the boytestants." The show will premiere on Hulu next week! [Genuine Ken via Gawker]

    19. This weekend, Weekly World News published reports that Mark Zuckerberg was planning on "ending Facebook" on March 15th, sending loads of social media sharers into a glorious freenzy. Guys, they were J-O-King okay? [WWN via Gawker]

    Ha. In all seriousness though, "Are we are witnessing the beginning of the end of Facebook?" This writer for CNN seems to think so (not joking). [CNN]

    20. In this week's New Yorker: James Surowiecki on public-sector unions. David Brooks on sciences of human nature.Jon Lee Anderson on Sri Lanka. Jill Lepore on the Constitution. Peter Schjeldahl on Gordon Matta-Clark. Calvin Tomkins on George Condo. [NYTumblr]

    21. Who said it: "She's like Bridget Bardot meets Clint East­wood. There's a cowboy quality about her. In some ways she's just like Montana. She has this vast internal landscape. Once she lets you in, you just marvel at the mountain ranges. There's a pace to her, and if you want to get to those mountains, it may take a while to get there but you can get there if you put the time." [BBook]

    22. Dear America: You can not wear your pajamas all of the time. This is funny. [Gawker]


    Well, that's all for me today. Do you have something for me to include in tomorrow's Reading List? Email me: Rachelle@guestofaguest.com

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