The gender wage gap, which represents the ratio of women's hourly pay to men's, is often quoted at 79%. However, that statistic is often refuted with claims of job variance and employment patterns that supposedly inflate the pay gap quote to 92%. Still, the remaining 8% is likely due to discrimination. For example, in a study that had men and women with similar resumes apply for a position as waitstaff for a high-end restaurant, women received 50% fewer job offers. On the other hand, what isn't reported nearly as frequently is what is known as the "Pink Tax." 

The Pink Tax refers to the additional amount that women often pay for products marketed to females rather than males. In other words, women tend to make less and pay more. From buying pink razors (that shockingly are no more efficient at removing stubble) and deodorant sticks that smell like lilacs opposed to a middle school boy bursting at the seams with testosterone, women ultimately pay about 48% more for the same products as men. Now that's some bullshit. Check out these 10 ways you can fight patriarchal economics, while still having smooth legs and being a boss ass bitch. 

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