Charlotte Olympia Zodiac Flats In light of all the resolutions we know you're going to keep—and of all the romantic adventures in your future—enjoy these love horoscopes for 2014, courtesy of Vedic astrologer (and friend of YourTango) Richelle Jarrell. Will 2014 be your year for love? For those looking for some inspiration and advice, click through to find your love horoscope for the year.

"Is this your year for love? The stars have an important role to play in how our lives unfold. Sometimes no matter what we do, things never seem to work out in our love lives. At other times, everything seems magical. Everything has a season, so if it's your time to feel the elation of love, celebrate! If you are feeling blocked and no matter what you do, things never seem to work out, take heart. It may not be the right time, and you can use your single years wisely to grow inwardly as you prepare to share yourself more fully later on."

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