Fell In Love With A Tudor

by Joseph Russell · July 3, 2008

    johnathan rhys meyersI guess I'm kind of a latecomer to the Tudors-mad bandwagon, but ever since I found the complete first season in my East End Hospice Gala gift bag, I haven't been able to stop watching it. It's probably historically inaccurate or at least exaggerated, but until I'm told otherwise, I'm going to write it off as a much needed history lesson.

    I've loved Johnathan Rhys Meyers since he bent it like Beckham, and he's in full pouty-lipped, washboarded glory here, whether he's fighting, playing, or ravishing all his court's bosomy beauties. Plus there's the always fantastic Peter O'Toole as the rather displeased Pope Paul III.

    If you're the type who casts curious, even wistful eyes over your supermarket's book selection, or if you're a Henry VIII expert in search of a good laugh, you'll no doubt get some enjoyment out of Tudors. Season 3 won't air on Showtime until 2009, but you can download seasons 1 and 2 here, or stream it here.

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