Monday Mood Booster: Tips For Finding Your Happiness

There's a great emphasis right now on women "leaning in" to break through the glass ceiling. That means to throw your weight behind becoming a corporate titan who can be forever youthful and gorgeous, have the perfect relationship, cook amazing meals, run a fortune 500 company, and have enough time left over to write a book, make appearances as a speaker, and vacation in Bali. This is an important movement in the evolution of women's liberation, no doubt. And, like all movements, the solution it proposes is not one-size-fits-all. "Leaning in" is important and necessary. But, for each person, what we lean into and how far is as unique as our fingerprints. To the new mantra "Lean in," we add "to what makes you happy."

Your idea of success may not involve a New York Times cover story or becoming a CEO, but whoever you are, wherever you stand, figure out what makes you glow, and lean into that. For women, that can be hard because, whether it's nature or nurture, we tend to put others first and ourselves last. But here are some ways you can lean in and create your happy life.

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