Coffee Butter: The New Spread That Will Change Your Life

by Christie Grimm · February 22, 2017

    Move over Nutella! From the country that brought us Hello Kitty comes perhaps the biggest game changer your morning, afternoon, and even evening could ever see - coffee butter. Would a butter by any other name taste as sweet?

    Produced by a popular Japanese coffee brand, “Snow Brand Coffee Soft” is so going to be the country's number one export moving forward. Slap a dollop on toast, croissants, pancakes, honestly, the list of amazing, diet killing possibilities goes on and on.

    Sadly, you won't see any tubs of this magic spread on the shelves in the US anytime soon. However, God knows the internet and international shipping were created for exact situations like this. So get that Google Alert in place and ready yourself to start scouring for where to purchase when it debuts on March 1st.

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