This Pink Cherry Blossom Float Is Served Somewhere Surprising

by Stephanie Maida · April 11, 2017

    Proving, yet again, that Japan is cooler than the U.S. in every way (coffee butter, anyone?), these gorgeous pink cherry blossom floats have been taking over foodie Instagrams in Tokyo for the past month. The surprising fast food chain serving them up? Move over, Starbucks - it's McDonald's! Um yeah, we're #shook. 

    Officially dubbed the Sakura McFloat, the photogenic and (we're guessing) tasty AF carbonated beverage is flavored with cherry juice and topped with vanilla soft serve. The good news is it's available through April. The bad news, obviously, is you'll have to be in Japan to get your perfectly manicured hands on one.

    [Photos via @taramilktea, @hungrygirlsquad]