An Underwater Winery Is Now Open To The Public

by Stephanie Maida · May 30, 2017

    While Tuscan wine villas and Napa Valley vineyards certainly seem to take the cake (or cork) when it comes to vino destinations, a Croatian beach might just trump them both. Behold, Edivo Vina, the Balkan country's first underwater winery, which is now open to visitors.

    Located about an hour north of Dubrovnik, the unique winery ages its product above ground for three months, then stores it all in clay jugs below sea-level for up to two years. The result? A mermaid-worthy bottle covered in seashells and coral, full of wine flavored beneath the waves. Curious vinophiles are invited to dive with the staff to explore their process, and take a look at a gorgeous sunken boat in the Mali Ston Bay while they're at it.

    A scuba adventure with a side of our favorite booze? We'll toast to that.

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