Mermaid School Is Real & Looks Magical AF

by Millie Moore · March 23, 2017

    Looks like this whole mythical sea creature obsession isn't dying down. Until now, the closest you could get to being a mermaid was vacationing to remote islands and skipping Thigh Gap Thursdays. Especially in the midst of this bitter New York weather, you can't help but think WTF was Ariel thinking when she chose to be a human so she could marry a hot (but kind of dumb) royal like Prince Eric when she could have her own underwater kingdom?

    Well, consider the Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy your fairy godmother. With just a wave of a mermaid tail and a "Bippity Boppity Boo," your wish to be a mermaid can totally come true!

    The PMSA offers 90 minute classes teaching you how to be a mermaid. Included in the class is a tail rental, a lesson on how to swim like a mermaid, and a directed photo shoot that teaches you how to pose, pucker, and pout like a siren of the seas. They also offer 3 hour advanced courses which bring you deeper underwater. At this level, you'll learn underwater breathing techniques, how to snorkel, and how to do underwater mermaid tricks like handstands and bubble blowing. 

    Located in the Philippines, PMSA should definitely be a pit stop on the way to your vacay. Stranded in New York until your next yoga retreat? You can totally purchase one of their mermaid tails online. Think of all the compliments you'll get this summer at rooftop pool parties! You know, even if people do think you're insane.

    [Photo via @boracaymermaids]