Google's New App Will Plan Your Next Vacation For You

by Marisa Petrarca · November 16, 2016

    It's time to channel your inner Type A planner for your next vacation with the latest and greatest app from Google.

    Forget the hassle of spending hours on Yelp for ideas about where to dine in a foreign city or the struggle of figuring out how long it will take to get to your must-see destinations. If you're an avid Google Maps user, this app is sure to excite you. The company recently launched Google Trips, a free application that serves as a travel guide and trip planner for anyone who is exploring a new place. Start planning your trip in the "Reservations" section of the app which manages everything from plane tickets to hotel rooms, rental cars and more. Other sections help you plan out food and drink destinations as well as things to do in your selected city. Think of this app as your professional tour guide.

    The best part? The app is capable of working offline, making sure you have access to your trip information at all times (just keep that phone charged, of course). With the app, you will never find yourself in a panic, as you have directions to all of your destinations at your fingertips. Before you leave, just be sure to download all of your trip information from the app and you will be saved from racking up a hefty international data bill. The app even offers a "Need To Know" section, which includes information about what to do in an emergency, the city's currency information and more.

    Google Trips lets you personalize your travel plans, but also offers general itineraries of the city's most popular activities such as "72 hours in Barcelona." There are also guides that focus on specific interests, such as museums, shopping, hiking and more. If Google's guide is missing something of interest to you, there is even the option to add your own destinations.

    This is your chance to never look like a confused tourist again. Make the choice to be more organized and less stressed in planning your next vacation with the game-changing app, Google Trips. 

    [Photo via @tashoakley, @glebpnw@mytravelchroniclesblog]