Facebook Status Report Roundup And Twitterific Tweets

by Rachelle Hruska · May 6, 2009

    @littleylittley @rachellehruska .....headbutts at submercer over a model from the 80's. What's next? I love this. 23 minutes ago from TwitterBerry

    @ByrdieBell Almost knocked out the girl who got in my face coming out of the bathroom at Diablo Royale. Cinco de Mayo is my favorite Holiday 38 minutes ago from TwitterBerry

    Peter Davis wants to know how many people on facebook have starred in a sex tape. 57 minutes ago


    More status updates below...

    Keith Lissner just saw another fashion show commercial on bravo. Yikes this is getting real! about an hour ago


    @jack Sitting at a table with Barbara Walters, John Krugman, and John Legend who's now singing on stage. about 3 hours ago from txt

    @rachelsklar Spotted: Little J on stage at The Annex, doing her best Debbie Harry-Courtney Love (Taylor Momsen - she's pretty good!) about 3 hours ago from mobile web

    Brittany Mendenhall Hudson Terrace Cinco de Mayo party... Real Housewives finale party with the cast. 4 hours ago

    @AdrienField A "fan" just came up to Mary and me at the restaurant! Knew me by name! So sweet. about 4 hours ago from twitterrific


    @benleventhal At Four Seasons Roast, the two best seats in the house go to Daniel Boulud and Sirio Maccioni. about 4 hours ago from txt

    @GlynnMacN Oprah arrives. (She followed Barbara WaWa in and was followed by Lou Reed...opener to someone's joke no doubt). about 5 hours ago from TwitterBerry

    Jules Darling Kirby Who is going to the Killers Show/ Cowboys and Indians Themed Trip at Mohegan Sun this Saturday? And want in on the Party Bus? 9 hours ago

    Scott Buccheit saw Keiffer Sutherland at Rose Bar last night and he seemed very calm. Obviously before he went to Submercer to head-butt Jack McCollough of the Proenza-Schoeler design team. Only in New York kids. 10 hours ago

    Kelly Cutrone says, My Assistant came back!!!!! 10 hours ago