Twitteriffic Tweets: Has Anyone Ever Told You, New York...

by Chiara Atik · April 15, 2010

    @maggierizer AMAZING day!! Shooting ITALIAN VOGUE video with PETER DAVIS and crew:) New York, New York... has anyone told you? You're a hell of a town.


    @harleyvnewton Thank you @thecobrasnake for playing Taylor Swift as your first song.

    @derekblasberg I'm at a morning show and my segment is following a bit on an Iceland volcano erupting and canceling flights. How can I compete with that?


    -@Bethenny Up & at em for the today show.this pregnancy sleep is amazing now.started wearing night guard so I don't grind teeth.tres sexy.

    - @cjronson Lot's of stuff. Dinner so good @ bar pitti @aliwise + 3 others!


    @roxyolin the city cast picture!

    - @arielilana all i'm saying- @fneel on High Society tonight...#amazing