Twitteriffic Tweets: Your Daily Daphne, Reports From Cannes

by Chiara Atik · May 21, 2010

    @Jillzarin Beautiful weekend ahead...out to the hamptons to get house ready. Excited Summer is almost here!

    - @dannymasterson New york city when the sun comes up is actually pretty gorgeous ........thanx 4 that.- - @rachellehruska Just saw a troop get the most heartwarming welcome home at o'hare. Everyone is tearing. humans are innately good. remind yourself today. -

    @PeterDavisNYC Your daily Daphne: - - - @tinsleymortimer At the Hill right now in NYC!! So fun!! Come if u r in town!! xoxo -

    - - @CarsonGriffith I feel like Cinderella after the ball, minus there was no Prince Charming & I never want to put on these shoes ever again #sonotatall - - @harleyvnewton Last dinner at Ginos with @CaseyCoane and now drinking cocktails at the Carlyle and listening to live smooth jazz because we're old as hell. - - @FabiolaBeracasa At the amfar party in cannes! Tonight was off off off the hook!