Wainscott's World

by Joseph Russell · June 26, 2008

    wainscott, new york

    Wainscott is very tiny, and looks quite like it sounds: classic shingled saltboxes, picket fences galore, riotous flower beds and ivy-garbed arbors. It's very old New England, only greener, and with a higher ratio of hulking estates. These really bother me, even though, as far as McMansions go, they're relatively inoffensive -usually pre-weathered, with endless gravel drives and statue-adorned gates.

    A hamlet with a one-room school house and a modest white chapel and houses with fat cats on porch swings has no need for ostentation- fabulous and opulent are unwelcome, unasked for newcomers, trailing ferraris and gobbling potato fields. Still, I saw a lot of beauty as I biked down Main St, and had a flat tire not prevailed, I'm sure I would have seen more. Those of you who know it, what do you recommend?

    More photos below:

    wainscott, new yorkhouse in wainscott, new yorkcottage in wainscott, new yorkwainscott, new york