Artify Yourself With Art Soiree

by MADELEINE STARKEY · July 12, 2010

    Sandro Keres and Tati Pas decided they wanted more art in their lives.  Instead of heading to the Smithsonian museums, the Corcoran, the Phillips, or any of the other artsy destinations the District has to offer, they decided to make their own art-centric endeavor: Art Soiree.

    According to the Art Soiree facebook page, which is the only online destination to find out about all things Art Soiree, the first event put together under the Art Soiree moniker took place in October of 2009.  Since then, Art Soirees have gone down at Hudson, L2, The Reserve, and One Lounge (among other spots).

    As its facebook self-description on the left side of its main page (what is that thing called anyway?  It's not "about me," it's not "personal info."  It's just like an extra spot for narcissism?) states, the point of Art Soiree is: showcase emerging talent in the visual arts, short film, music, and performance art. We’re committed to cultivating an understanding and appreciation of art in its many forms through production of multiple art events monthly.

    Judging by its line up, Art Soiree has gotten ahead of itself.  It now hosts closer to two or three events per month.

    This past Thursday, Art Soiree took over L2 as it presented "Backstage World by Marianna Luther."  Luther's photography on display Thursday evening focused on the backstage goings on in the ballet world.  To complement her still images, Ballet Teatro Internacional dancers performed.

    It's unclear as to the artistic credentials Sandro or Tati possess, but those kinds of details don't seem to matter to the Art Soiree followers who dutifully keep coming back for more.

    While Art Soiree has yet to make public its next event, don't be surprised if it takes place before the end of the month.  These guys are on a roll.



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