Do You REALLY Like Presidents? Presidential Portrait Protocol

by Chiara Atik · May 24, 2010

    What your living room wall is REALLY lacking is a portrait of your favorite President, right? Well, before you get out your hammer and nails, you might want to brush up on some presidential portrait hanging protocol...-


    According to the National Portrait Gallery (well, they would know!)....

    1. The President and the Vice President should be displayed side by side, with the President on the left and the Vice Prez on the right.

    2. The cabinet members are displayed below, in a line, beginning with the oldest cabinet department on the left and the youngest on the right. Same for Speaker of the House and Senate.

    3.  If you're displaying, say, three portraits, the President should be in the middle, on a slightly higher plane, with the V.P. lower, and on the left, and the other person on the right.

    That Presidential Portrait is gonna look SO good next to your Klimt poster!