Did Jill Biden Just Make A Penis Joke?!?!

by Kyle O'Donnell · September 21, 2012

    I'm calling a Freudian slip on this one, folks! Jill Biden introduced her husband before a speech and may have revealed just a bit too much about the Veep. TMI, Jill. TMI. BuzzFeed has the video of Jill revealing the, um, manhood of her husband. As she tells the audience how she's seen him "up close," she sizes up her man in quite an impressive manner! Jill and the audience broke into a case of the church giggles which quickly erupted into fits of laughter. Although she looked back to Joe for support, I can't help but notice that he didn't protest. He does have that certain swagger about him...

    As well as being an embarrassing moment for the Biden's, you can't help to smile at the endearing moment. It's a simple reminder how the campaign trail can be a crazy place. Or it was just an old woman's massive over-share. Emphasis on the MASSIVE.

    Check on the video on BuzzFeed!

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