Washington Social News - September 3

by Kyle O'Donnell · September 3, 2013

    You would think that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg would finally ditch the Pilgrim look once she officiated that gay wedding. [Reliable Source]

    I think Scarlett Johansson is just sucking up to play Lady Clinton in the biopic. [Click]

    Lady Clinton is SUCH a Mom on Twitter. [BuzzFeed]

    Why do we live in a world that cares about Dennis Rodman? [Gawker]

    Great work, Metro PD. [Jalopnik]

    Robert De Niro speaks up for Obama...and you don't want to disagree with Robert De Niro. [Click]

    Josh Burdette, manager and crew member at the 9:30 Club, has passed away. [DCist]

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