Washington Social News - September 9

by Kyle O'Donnell · September 9, 2013

    If Jimmy Carter can't get Oprah the Oscar, no one can. [Click]

    J.Lo thinks it wasn't a good idea to sing for the Turkmenistan dictator. I don't think it was a good idea for J.Lo to film Monster-In-Law [Click]

    RFK Jr.'s personal diary reads like an uncensored 50 Shades. [New York Post]

    Wanna ink up in DC? Not so fast! [Gawker]

    There ain't no party like an Australian Ambassador Party because an Australian Ambassador Party DON'T STOP! [Reliable Source]

    Here's a round-up of political family feuds, proving that families in high places are just like yours, except maybe better dressed. [Reliable Source]

    The infamous Butt Slasher will slash no more! [In The Capital]