Bill Maher Hearts D.C.

by MADELEINE STARKEY · August 26, 2010

    Speaking of Capitol File, comedian Bill Maher recently graced the pages of Capitol File when he compiled a list of things he loves and hates about Washington.

    The PDF is a little blurry, so allow us to clarify.  Bill Maher loves:

    1.  Running into Helen Thomas at last call

    2.  The United States Holocaust Museum nachos

    3. Pat down searches at almost every building

    4.  Fond memories of making D.C. Cab

    5. The spring time, when Joe Biden's hair blooms

    6.  "Voting" at 3 am with Patrick Kennedy

    7.  It's the city that never sleeps...with their wives

    8.  Visiting my Members Only jacket at the Smithsonian

    9.  Party crashing with the Salahis

    10.  Making breakfast for Helen Thomas

    And he hates:

    1.  The National Mall has no Pottery Barn

    2.  Erik Massa's back rubs--too rough

    3.  _____ (we can't read it!) scoldings from Rahm Emanuel

    4.  Lectures from my G Street roommates

    5.  No lifeguards at the reflecting pool

    6.  Great lawn only so-so

    7.  Being shouted down by voices in Michele Bachmann's head

    8.  Lincoln Memorial's "wide stance" gives me the creeps

    9.  When the bitch sets me up

    10.  All the phonies and posers make me homesick for Hollywood

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