Just Guess What White House Aides Call Ivanka Trump

by Christie Grimm · August 29, 2017

    As is the most polite way to talk about someone, you know, behind their back, it has recently been revealed that White House advisers and aides frequently refer to little Miss Trump as... wait for it... Princess Royal.

    While we've got to say this pejorative pet name lacks an impressive amount of imagination, it's not as if West Wing workers are known for being a laugh a minute, and hey - it's definitely a Goldie Locks, just-right fit. 

    Though, to these clearly overworked, overtired Trump employees, might we suggest a few fancier names?

    - Gossip Girl

    - Clueless

    - West Wing Barbie

    - Chubby Bunny (oh - those cheeks!)

    - Little Miss Women Who Work

    - The Daughter

    - Lipstick Lucy

    - Regina George

    - Glamsquad Gertrude

    - Debutante Debbie

    - The First Lady (Oh yeah, we went there.)

    [Photo via @alwaysivanka]