What Poor Assistant Had To Give Their Shoes To Melania?

by Christie Grimm · August 29, 2017

    After an impressive influx of bad press following Melania Trump's decision to wear snakeskin stilettos en route to Texas to visit the victims of Hurricane Harvey, it seems Mrs. Trump felt the public pressure, changing into a pair of still not exactly waterproof Stan Smiths. 

    And while many may be wondering if the First Lady will address her initial wardrobe misjudgment, we just want to know which one of her poor assistants is obviously wandering around Texas shoeless?

    We mean really - you actually think she packed those? She wore stilettos to walk across a grass lawn to their helicopter... in the rain! She wore heels to Barron's 11th birthday party - which was bowling! If she even owned sneakers, don't you think she would have worn them for that?!

    [Photo via @oneprdgma@pret-a-reporter]