Late Night Bite: Quick Pita

by Johannah Hallstrom · April 13, 2012

    Tired of the same-ol’ late night pizza after a night out? It’s time to try something new. Located just off M Street, Quick Pita of Georgetown is the place to go.

    Open until 4:30 am Thursday through Saturday, the place is always bursting with people. You don’t have to worry, though; just like the name states, you will get your food quickly.

    Quick Pita offers all types of mouth-watering beef, lamb, chicken, and vegetarian sandwiches, all under $6.00. Popular choices are the falafel, gyros, or the chicken shawarma. The guy taking your order may laugh at you trying to pronounce the names, but trust us, he knows what you mean.

    Give it a try this weekend; you will not regret it and is a favorite of several members Guest of a Guest staff.

    Quick Pita of Georgetown is located at 1210 Potomac Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20007.