Game On! World Cup Boozing Exemptions Start Rolling In

by HUNTER GORINSON · June 10, 2010

    There's been a lot of finger pointing and frayed nerves surrounding Friday's kick-off of the 2010 World Cup -- and the early morning bar hours that are set to come along with it.Although the DC City Council passed an exemption enabling bars to open as early as 7 AM for the event back on June 1st, Mayor Fenty didn't bother signing off on it until Monday evening. That meant registration forms only went out to bars the next day, leading to mad dash from beer slingers citywide to meet last night's midnight deadline.

    But, apparently, it's not just sports bars and college co-ed meat markets (we're looking at you McFadden's) looking to cash in on the world's premiere sporting event for men in short shorts and kneesocks. As of 4:30 PM yesterday, only 60 applications had arrived. Little more than a hour later, that number was brushing up against 90. Although ABRA and the DC Nightlife Association are still working on the final tally as we speak, GofaG can give you a sneak peek at who has already made the cut and will be open for business -- and serving -- when South Africa takes on Mexico tomorrow morning.

    With all the opportunities for mid-morning drunkenness available here, it's almost enough to make us care about soccer. And, y’know, Hooters.

    Adams Mill Bar and Grill · 1813 Adams Mill Rd. NW

    Againn · 1099 New York Ave NW

    Ben's Next Door · 1211 U St. NW

    Cafe Dupont · 1500 New Hampshire Ave. NE

    Gin & Tonic · 2408 Wisconsin Ave. NW

    The Front Page · 1333 New Hampshire Ave. NW

    Hooters · 825 7th St. NW

    Lounge 201 · 201 Massachusetts Ave. NE

    McFadden’s · 2401 Pennsylvania Ave. NW

    Penn Quarter Sports Tavern · 639 Indiana Ave. NW

    Pour House · 319 Pennsylvania Ave. SE

    Public Bar · 1214 18th St. NW

    The Pug · 1234 H St. NE

    Sign of the Whale · 1825 M St. NW

    Tabaq · 1336 U St. NW

    Tonic · 3155 Mt. Pleasant St. NW

    The Ugly Mug · 723 8th St. SE

    Union Pub · 201 Massachusetts Ave. NE