Happy First Day Of School, Washington D.C.

by NIKKI BOGOPOLSKAYA · August 23, 2010

    The interns are turning in their ID tags and trading pantsuits for kegstands, the weather has gotten moderate enough for us to step out of our apartments in shorts and t-shirts without melting into puddles of angry commuter, and everything everywhere seems to be on sale. This can only mean one thing—summer is really ending, and it is time to go back to school. Today, August 23rd, marks the first day of classes for D.C public schools, and being that it is our very first time ever not going back to school (ah, GofG…you keep us young and exciting at heart), we have compiled the following list of reasons that we are glad not to be returning to textbooks, teachers, hallways and homework.

    1. We won’t look stupid on the Metro in plaid kilts and backpacks. Yeah, we said it. Unless you’re Blair Waldorf, the school uniform look does not serve you well, and we seasoned commuters are silently snickering.

    2. We don’t have homework. Seriously. We never have homework. We have “work” and “home,” but the delightful option to never have to mix the two. Au revoir, coffee and highlighters. Bonjour, happy hours and naps on our couch.

    3. We don’t have to listen to our parents. And we don’t have curfews. Na na na boo boo.

    Oh, who are we kidding. We are, we admit, a bit jealous of the wee ones in their ill-fitting polyester and rayon skirt and pants, riding public transportation, to assignments and test and overzealous parents to catch up with their small classmates about summer romances and new hairdos and who did what at camp with whom.

    But we do have one thing over them: we are of legal drinking age. So we’ll go enjoy a caiprinha by the pool (two things! We can enjoy the pool while they’re in algebra) and reminisce about the golden days.

    Happy first day of school, Washington!