Medical Marijuana In Virginia?

by MADELEINE STARKEY · July 26, 2010

    The Washington Times recently ran a story titled "Medical Marijuana to be OK in some Va. Clinics."  Of course, medical marijuana is a hot button issue and anytime anyone sees "marijuana" in an article's title, they are bound to read on.

    Which is exactly what we did when we say that WashTimes' article.

    Remember when states' abbreviations were 'Va.' for Virginia, 'Md.' for Maryland, 'Ma.' for Massachusetts?

    This bygone era of street addresses tricked us into thinking for a moment that medical marijuana might soon be legalized across the Potomac.

    Silly Rabbit.  There's no way that state would ever allow cancer patients/veterans some relief in the form of weed!

    "Va." in this context actually refers to Veterans Affairs hospitals.  Oh.  Oops.

    The article says that only VA (veterans affairs) clinics in states where medical marijuana is legal will allow patients to use medical marijuana.  No surprise there!