The Soccer Mansion: All Soccer All The Time

by MADELEINE STARKEY · June 11, 2010

    Want to watch the World Cup in the company of other football fanatics, but want to avoid the raucous bar scene?  You're in luck!  Soccer Mansion is the answer to your prayers.

    Ok, so we know you might be getting a bit overwhelmed with all this World Cup stuff, but deal with it--the World Cup is awesome, amazing, and, as we previously on-world-cup-boozing-exemptions-start-rolling-in-reported, a big enough deal that DC government is willing to allow bars to open at 7 am.  K?


    The Soccer Mansion is a huge house right on Meridian Hill (2437 15th Street NW) entirely devoted to soccer for 30 days (the duration of the Cup).

    The Manse has a number of options for your variegated needs: a main floor with 10 HDTVs complete with surround sound, both private and public tables, and service.  Yes! Service.  It's like a weird and wonderful frat house with maids/waiters/butlers.  Don't question it--just do it.  You can sit, watch, and get drink refills without missing a single nutmeg or yellow card.

    The soccer-haven offers reasonably priced ($8) cocktails, a beer selection mercifully rife with imported options, and for the soccer snobs, wine and even champagne.  These people are serious, people.  The house menu consists of, among other things, sliders, empanadas, and will feature national dishes, provided by Embassies, depending on which teams are playing.  And dessert, including Georgetown Cupcake.  Score!  Or should we say, GOAAAAAAAAAALLLLLL?

    To top it all off, the Manse benefits the The Latino Federation of Greater Washington DC (LFGW).

    Tonight marks the kick-off of the Soccer Mansion's reign.  A cocktail party from 6PM-midnight officially celebrates the beginning of the 2010 World Cup, and the establishment of the Manse as the place to be for Cup 2010.  Your $15 ticket gets you in and one free drink.

    [Photos via Soccer Mansion's Facebook]