Fitness Class Review: Sun.Stretch.Sip Yoga At The Graham

by Jessica Wahl · August 8, 2013

    Given my penchant for Friday happy hours, a 9am yoga class is usually something I could easily pass up. However, when you pair it with a lively DJ, bright mimosas and a gorgeous rooftop view of the city, the Graham's Sun.Stretch.Sip yoga class is one of the few things worth rolling out of bed at 8am for on a Saturday.

    Adeoye, an instructor from Core Power Yoga, started slow with basic yoga breathing and stretching. Then, the class grew more advanced with fast-paced movements and strengthening holds in twisted positions. DJ Dimmy played Alicia Keys' New York at just the right moment when we were finishing an aggressive set of core exercises, but I was happy to be in DC, watching the morning light reflect off the M Street shops.  There is something invigorating and hang-over curing about performing sun salutations as the sun rises over your head.

    Another pleasant surprise was the flow being a bit more like a dance than an Asthanga yoga practice. Fluid movements perfectly accompanied with music and a natural breeze reminded us of our Ujjayi breath. As Adeoye said, “It is truly invigorating to practicing yoga outside.”

    A delicious breakfast comprised of blueberry bellinis, mimosas, croissants, yogurt and berries at the end of the practice only contributed to what I would consider a perfect morning.  All I needed was an alarm clock and lululemon capris, and by 11am (when most of my friends were still fast asleep), I had worked out, eaten breakfast, gotten some sun, and caught up with a girlfriend who joined me for the class.

    Sun.Stretch.Sip will be running every Saturday morning from 9-11am through the 31st at the Graham Hotel Observatory.  Mats and water are provided.  Classes are $40. Spots are limited (20 people) so reserve them in advance through