Get The Skinny On The Love Grace Juice Cleanse

by Nicole Mills · October 2, 2013

    We did the impossible. Well, actually, we did what we thought was impossible. Giving up all food, caffeine and alcohol for three days wasn't nearly as bad as we had imagined. But because we love our readers so much we did a juice cleanse with Love Grace so you can find out what it's really like and if a juice cleanse is in your near future.

    Health Benefits: First things first, our main motivations for embarking on the juice cleanse were to get healthy; to achieve new energy levels, get rid of toxins in our body, and give our body a chance to heal. Love Grace lists only some of the benefits below:

    - When you refrain from eating food your body has all the energy that it usually uses for digesting food to go to healing and working on specific conditions.

    - It is also about what you’re leaving out of your body as much as what you’re putting in

    -The chlorophyl rich juices will bind to toxins and (+) charges such as toxins, heavy metals, free-radicals and safely move them out

    -Mental clarity, energy, focus and glowing skin are an awesome bonus

    - Alkalinity is a major objective. Disease can not breed in an alkaline environment and juice cleansing because they are mineral rich will naturally create an alkaline environment.

    - If you have weight to lose you will naturally lose anywhere from 5-20 lbs juice cleansing as a result of both lower caloric intake and alkalinity.

    We love a big bowl of pasta as much as you do but those benefits above had us sold.

    Taste: There is fruity, sweet, spicy and...veggie-licious. They have all flavors covered in this cleanse so your tastebuds won't be bored of the same taste by day two. The vegetable-heavy ones took some getting used to for us. Go slowly with the Purify juice (that has a celery aftertaste) when drinking in the morning. Love Grace gives a suggested order of drinking the juices but fell free to mix it up to your liking. The variety in the taste and drinking order are life-saving especially when you're deep into day three.

    Our Favorites:

    Longevity Tonic: Their version of a Master Cleanse drink but almost like drinking lemonade with a zest.

    Watermelon Cleanse: Their seasonal drink that literally tastes exactly like watermelon.

    Ginger Bomb: We were really scared of this one because it comes in such a tiny bottle which made us think it must be so hard to get down that people can't even drink a whole one. Surprise! While it definitely has a burn, this was our go-to morning drink. It's like drinking orange juice with a punch that wakes you right up.

    Read up on all of the various juices they offer and their benefits here.

    Experience: Day 1 was actually very easy to get through and we didn't even end up drinking all six of the juices allotted for that day. Hint: save extra juices for the days after your cleanse so you can transition into your normal diet! Day 2 was rough but we used the Chocolate Superfood Smoothie as a mid-afternoon treat to keep us going. By Day 3, we found our cravings for greasy foods and carbs diminishing. Love Grace encourages you to listen to your body so if you find yourself absolutely needing food reach for some healthy, raw options like an avocado or a banana with almond butter.

    Inspired to take the plunge towards a more healthier and happier you? Order your Love Grace juice cleanse here or find a location near you that sells Love Grace juices.

    (Editors note: On my first day non-cleansing, I truly did feel a little bit more clear-minded, positive and energetic. I also was reunited with my Starbucks addiction so we'll let you decide whether this was a byproduct of the cleanse)

    [Photos via Love Grace]