New Workout Plan: Animal Flow

by Sophie Pyle · January 30, 2013

    You can get faster and stronger in your gym, but what about improving your agility? We tried out a new class called "Animal Flow" at Equinox Bethesda last week, and found the missing piece to our fitness resolution.

    Animal Flow is a new kind of workout that has you jumping like a frog and crouching like a tiger, with an emphasis on getting people back in touch with basic crawling, leaping, lunging and stretching. The movements are comparable to gymnastics or break dancing, but there is no doubt that the movements are totally animalistic.

    Although it was only a conditioning class (the prequel to the real Animal Flow class), everyone left sweaty from head-to-toe with lots of sore muscles, in a good way.  Some people that have regularly taken the class experienced weight loss and increased strength and agility.

    The class is taught exclusively at Equinox clubs, and the two locations in the DC area are in Tyson's Corner (8065 Leesburg Pike) and Bethesda (4905 Elm St). Memberships--which also include access to their spas, equipment, and other classes--are $144/month, or $188/month if you want reciprocity at all of their gyms.