The Butler's Best Looks

by Kyle O'Donnell · August 23, 2013

    The Butler is not only a hit at the box office, it is a hit in the fashion world too!

    The Lee Daniel's film uses Oprah and ANTM vet Yaya Alafia to display the greatest fashions throughout several presidential terms.

    Vulture has compiled screengrabs from the film that show some of the film's greatest looks. Including in the list is a hilarious black and white jumpsuits worn by Oprah and Forest Whitaker. The list also doesn't let us forget those HIDEOUS track suits -- did anything good come out of the 90s...besides your's truly?

    If you haven't seen the soon to be Oscar winner tear-jerker film, make your way to the nearest theater. The film's amazing performances are second only to the amazing survey of American fashion.

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