Extended Bar Hours In DC REJECTED (Kindof)

by Sophie Pyle · May 22, 2012

    Mayor Gray's proposal to extend bar hours in DC to 3am on weekdays and 4am on weekends was rejected earlier this month by a vote of 3-2 (soooo close!!!). Although it might seem as though the mayor is trying to win young boozey votes, he actually proposed it to help fill a $3.2 million hole in the 2013 budget, according to the Washington Post.

    Instead of letting Washingtonians drink later, the councilmembers are in talks to raise the alcohol excise tax 6 cents per drink.

    There is a silver lining to the discussion, however. According to the Hospitality Lawyers blog, there will be extended hours on some holidays:

    ...extended hours [will] apply only on nights before all District and federal holidays.  Alcohol sales would also be extended on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights of the Memorial Day and Labor Day holidays, as well as New Year’s Eve and July 4 if the holidays fall on weekends.

    Looks like 3-day weekends just got a little more fun! The extended holiday hours begin October 1.