Huzzah! WaPo Declares DC Hip!

by Kyle O'Donnell · October 25, 2013

    Um, get with the program, Washington Post! This week the publication posted an article telling us something that we've all known for a while: DC is hip!

    Sommer Mathis, the genius behind "Keep your cool, New York and LA: The millennials flocking to D.C. redefine 'hip'," attributes the coolness of DC to the rise of millennials. Via Washington Post:

    D.C. is a city of smart people,” said Derek Brown, whose mini-empire of craft cocktail bars started on Seventh Street NW with The Passenger and Columbia Room and has since expanded to Mockingbird Hill and Eat the Rich. “What’s making D.C. cool is the fact that smart people doing things they’re passionate about is cool,” he said. Brown is someone whose passions led him to create at least one drink menu exclusively out of sherry. Not exactly “chasing fads,” as he put it.

    Well, DUH! We're a town of movers and shakers! I could have told you that, Sommer Mathis! Over the past decade, DC's social and cultural landscape has blossomed and thrived. We can invite you to one of our nationally ranked restaurants and discuss health care reform between courses.

    Sorry, LA and NYC. YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US!

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