Professor Karl Lagerfield? Sign Us Up!

by Ayanna Alleyne · October 17, 2013

    Students, are you ready to call Karl Lagerfield "professor?" Or even address him directly, at all. 500 of Paris’ prestigious Paris Institute of Political Studies students, also known as “Sciences Po,” will soon have to. The acclaimed “Pope of Fashion” will be teaching a class to communication students on November 19. The one-day class will be a lesson on The Pope’s “view on the world, arts, creation and his life as a designer,” according to Women’s Wear Daily.

    The class will be held in a Q&A style, so students will have the opportunity to ask Lagerfeld questions directly. Some of our suggestions? Inquire about his relationship with Cara Delevingne, ask about and possibly take an IG pic with Lagerfeld’s teddy bear replica of himself, find out perfecting tips on mastering his liquid-heavy diet, or attempt to break Lagerfeld’s silence on his real name (he insists no one knows his birth name). Or more serious style inquiries, of course.

    We should begin feeling jealousy for those Sciences Po students right now. Any chance to get a look at those eyes without sunglasses, and I’m sure you’ll pass out. It’s not too late to book a plane ticket, transfer to Science Po’s Communication program, and still have time to pick the perfect minimalist outfit to shoot Lagerfeld questions in. Right??

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