Something's been bugging me since the early days of the campaign trail. Besides the fact that Donald Trump had like a 16-year-old (okay, a 26-year-old) acting as his press secretary, complete with preppy, WASP, stick-up-the-butt posture, and pink lipstick - she soooo looked like someone.

Like, annoyingly like someone. And today, just as little Miss Hope Hicks was announced interim White House Communications Director, it hit me. Bee Shaffer! Anna Wintour's out-of-the-spotlight daughter who prefers the big white way of the theatre industry to the glossy world of Vogue. 

And sure, white brunette girls of a certain age and a certain privilege all look the same, obviously. But still, this shit's uncanny. 

Oh, but that Hope Hicks were as cool, with as fab a life as her Parent Trap level doppelgänger, poor girl.

Don't believe us? Click through and see just who you think is who.

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