Chelsea Clinton Has No Sympathy For Tiffany Trump

by Christie Grimm · August 23, 2017

    Over the past few months, as media outlets and professional twitter trolls have quickly criticized Barron Trump time and time again - from falling asleep at just about every other official event, to, most recently, his childish sartorial choices - Chelsea Clinton has taken a stand for the First Son, tweeting out her defense. Well aware of the unwanted pressure and attention involved with growing up in the White House, it's a generous gesture for Clinton to make indeed. And one that we think just about everyone can respect and understand. After all, have you ever tried to get an 11 year old boy to wear anything other than graphic tee shirts?

    But as kind as her statements pleading for Barron's right to a private and normal childhood may be, interesting is her silence on the topic of little miss Tiffany. Has Chelsea, along with everyone else in the Trump clan, forgotten about Tiffany? Or, is the 23-year-old's right to privacy invalidated by her showy lifestyle?

    When one surrounds herself with such private, reserved friends as the Rich Kids of Instagram, turns the inauguration into a photo shoot, parties the night away ever so publicly at the lamest, cheesiest spots, does she automatically forfeit her right to privacy? If Barron Trump had an Instagram where he frequently posted photos of silly pre-teen boy things - video games and pizza - would he too then be fair game? 

    Well, one can only assume yes. While Barron lives his life as under the radar as he can, and even the most liberal of people would likely lend him a helping hand should he need it, no one will even sit next to good old Tiff for like 15 minutes at Fashion Week. While she has made no actual political statements, gone on no crazy rants, committed no truly damning actions, one look at her last name and her Marie Antoinette level of privilege filtered Instagram, and God do we all love to take the piss out of her. And let's be honest, she gets it pretty hard, perhaps a little harder even than she may deserve / be asking for.

    Bu still, does she not deserve a patron saint of privacy of her very own? Someone to stick up for her right to be, well, exactly what she is - a frivolous rich kid who loves the glitz and glamour? Girl only has Marla Maples, so yeah, she's not doing too great.

    Well, while we blame her not in the slightest, it appears Clinton won't be that Fairy Former First Child Godmother. We mean, honestly, while Chelsea Clinton may be cozying on up to Barron, do you really think she wouldn't scoot down a few seats from Tiffany at a fashion show?

    [Photo via @tiffanytrump, via getty]