Donald Trump Is Definitely Compensating For Something

by Stephanie Maida · January 3, 2018

    Everyone knows that the bigger the vroom, the smaller know what. We've all seen the male inferiority complex-slash-midlife crisis in action, whether it's some dude in a red sports car or a recently divorced guy paying for models to sit at his table at 1 OAK (we see you, Leonardo) - it's embarrassing but at least we can escape the whole debacle by averting our eyes.

    Well, unfortunately for the entire United States of America, the whole world is currently playing witness to our president's dick measuring contest, and it's probably going to get us all killed. Whether he's compensating for his small hands or, whatever else, this little Tweet is hardly about a "button."

    Can someone please just delete his account already? Or at least tell us that we're in an episode of Black Mirror?

    [Photo via Getty]