Remember When Mike Pence Blamed "Mulan" For Women Joining The Military?

by Millie Moore · July 28, 2017

    No, you did not misread that headline. And yes, we do mean the Disney princess Mulan. 

    Let's take a look, shall we?

    Mike Pence wrote this op-ed (which was dug up by BuzzFeed News) when he saw the animated feature with his loved ones and he was evidently appalled by Mulan trying to indoctrinate impressionable young children with the idea that women are capable of joining the military. Personally, we think it's more appalling that Mike Pence has loved ones to begin with. 

    Pence's first argument is that women should not be in the military because a bunch of female soldiers got molested by their superiors while serving. OH. NOW PENCE GIVES A SHIT ABOUT WOMEN BEING VIOLATED LIKE THIS. He chose a cartoon to make this the only time he ever stood up for sexual assault survivors? Sexual assault happens, even if people aren't serving in the military. It happens in the workplace, at college, even in victims' own homes. And perpetrators aren't even just authority figures, but (duh) strangers, friends, significant others. So when it comes to Pence's view, it stands to reason that women should just straight up not exist. 

    Pence goes on to say that women and men should not be living together when they're at an age where they are their most physically attractive and, well, horny. Well, Pence, I argue the opposite. People should be having as much good looking sex as they gosh darn please. If it's not interfering with their job and it's at no one's expense, who are you to judge stupid hot soldiers for bumping uglies? Then again, not everyone wants to have sex with each other. So there's that.

    So yeah, Pence, these are some pretty terrible arguments. God forbid women are in the real world EXISTING, or even worse, having SEX. We're sure that your go-to Disney flick is Pocahontas because it waters down affluent American white men wreaking havoc on the country and causing one of the worst genocides in history. Have fun cuddling up with Trump to watch The Triumph of the Will, which is a far better metaphor for your presidency than Mulan is for liberal propaganda. 

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