As you may have heard, Donald Trump announced on Twitter that he is banning transgender people from the military because their healthcare "costs too much money" (between $2 million and $8 million). If this ban were to be legal (which for so many reasons it isn't), 15,000 trans members would have to leave the military. We have by far the most powerful and expensive military in the world, almost to a fault, and America has always had an emphasis on the importance of military. So wouldn't turning people away, especially those who are statistically more likely to serve in the military, be of detriment to that field? But then again, Trump is not one for common sense or statistics.

Coming out as transgender is one of the bravest things one could do, and joining the military is a noble, selfless endeavor. But Trump wouldn't understand this because he dodged the military draft five times. Trump pulling the purse strings when it comes to transgender health care makes absolutely NO SENSE, and it's ridiculous considering how often he brags about how much money he spends. He's obviously pretending to be rich because that's a classic sociopath move, but this is one of this first times he's ever been cheap, and it is an odd choice to make as his first penny pinching endeavor. Is odd the word we're looking for, or is it hateful and messed up? But we digress. The New York Times yesterday wrote about how taxpayers are paying more for Viagra and Cialis prescriptions for the Pentagon, and here's even more shady things that cost more than transgender healthcare. 

It's time to stop joking about the fact that this guy is our Commander In Chief. Covfefe memes, ridiculous selfie secrets, and the weird social media activity of the Trump family just isn't funny anymore. Be sure to protest your face off, sign petitions, support programs that have been fucked over by the Trump Administration (e.g. sending vibrators to Congress and purchasing chic and charitable sweaters), and practice kindness because we need it now more than ever. 

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