President Obama Gets "Special Guest" Status Next to B.o.B. for Gen44 Summit

by HUNTER GORINSON · September 10, 2010

    The Democratic National Committee is hoping to renew the spirits of the youthful generation that swept President Barack Obama into office this month with the Gen44 Summit -- a three day long festival-cum-conference that aims to "cultivate and empower a rising generation of leaders" for the DNC. To that end, they've enlisted chart-topping rapper, B.o.B. (aka Bobby Ray) to kick off the summit with a concert at Constitution Hall on September 30th.  But in their zeal to get the word out, it looks like the folks at Gen44 are giving the 44th President of the United States -- the 44 in Gen44 as it were -- second billing.

    To be sure, the materials on the summit released to the press clearly state, in bold print no less, that "President Obama is headlining the Gen44 Summit Kick-Off Concert."  But a quick trip over to their blog reveals a headline billing Obama as B.o.B.'s "special guest" -- which not only seems disheartening because we're talking about the leader of the frickin’ free world here, but also because it seems to imply that he might wind up singing that harpy from Paramore's chorus in "Airplanes."  Perfectly illustrating how much thought has gone into all of this, the agendas for the summit's second and third days "are to be announced shortly."

    Just a case of a poorly written headline?  Sure, but we'll bet you 44 bucks -- the cost of ticket to the show incidentally -- that the Prez doesn't even known who or what a B.o.B. is, let alone that he's supposed to be sharing a stage with him come month's end.  It should be noted that Obama did enlist the likes of Usher and Ludacris for photo ops before he took office, but, Jeez Christmas, you never saw J.F.K. mucking it up with Roy Orbison in between chats with Khrushchev.  Then again, most 18-year-olds couldn't vote either.

    Be afraid.