Miss DC Does Not Care If You're From Georgetown: You're Still Not Allowed To Slap Her Butt

by Chiara Atik · May 24, 2010

    Adams Morgan is NO place for a beauty queen! Miss DC Jennifer Corey recently told the Washington Examiner that she avoids the area where she often falls prey to sexual harassment, and instead sticks to Georgetown or Dupont. Alas, Georgetown let her down last Saturday....-


    On a recent night out, Corey was "pushed or slapped three times by three different men in Georgetown". The beauty queen was luckily not afraid to fight back, and pushed one agressor up against a wall. She's obviously not a fan of "spoiled rich preppy kids who think they are better than you because their dad makes a lot of money."

    Corey was so troubled by her recent troubles in the district that she has made the issue her latest platform.

    "There is no reason for a girl to have to worry about being slapped...or touched when we go out."

    No, there isn't...but we're curious: have other DC girls had similar problems with nights out in the city? Namely, is this as widespread and universal of an issue for local girls as Miss DC seems to think it is?