The Salahis Host America's Polo Cup, Does America Care?

by MADELEINE STARKEY · June 14, 2010

    All press is good press?  Not if you're the Salahis.  The infamous White House party-crashing couple's annual America's Polo Cup took place this past weekend, but with many a change since years past.  As the Washington Post reported, previous sponsors such as Land Rover and Cartier were noticeably absent from this year's festivities.  Furthermore, some sponsors whose names were emblazoned around the event were not, in fact, sponsors. What gives?

    It seems the press garnered from their White House crash has sullied the Salahi name in and around the DMV--and nationally we assume.    In fact, the infamy is so widespread that the Salahis lost the official endorsement of India, the opponent in this year's polo match which each year features a different, international opponent against which the U.S. plays.

    So what have the Salahis gained since they arrived allegedly uninvited to the Obama's first big dinner party?

    A solid spot on the upcoming Real Housewives of Washington, DC. says the New York Daily News.  Not surprising.  How could Bravo not cast the supposed former Redskins cheerleader (it's unclear as to whether or not she ever cheered) who makes the rounds in DC society and snuck into a White House state dinner?  What makes for socially debilitating life choices also happens to make for great reality TV, especially in the Real Housewives franchise (can we say "Danielle Staub sex tape"?).

    While the America's Polo Cup has Costa Rica listed as next year's opponent, it remains to be seen whether or not Costa Rica will officially endorse the event, actually follow through with it, or if the match will even go down.  Will the world have forgotten about the faux-pas that was the White House party crash, or will it remain so egregious an offense that nary a respectable DCite would deign to be seen at such an event from here on out?

    Oh, and if you care, the U.S. beat India 5-4.