The Salahis: Crashing Your Next Book Club

by ARIELLE KRIEGER · June 24, 2010

    Enough is enough already with news from the Salahis. Unfortunately, the infamous party crashers haven't gotten the hint yet that no one cares and they're back to entertain us yet again, New York Post reported, with a book of "behind-the-scenes" details from the November 2009 state dinner.

    We just have to wonder who is going to read this book. Really, is anyone interested? We asked a random man on the street, reading a newspaper, looking informed and up-to-date with the D.C. news, what he thought of the upcoming book. We thought he'd laugh at the idea, ashamed of the notion that the Salahis are now considered D.C. socialites, and scoff at us for even asking! But to our surprise, he was incredibly intrigued with the details of the security breach and said,

    "I probably will read their book, even to just see what's going on inside their crazy heads."

    Ok, we'll give you that. They are nutjobs, but have to be somewhat intelligent wackos to have bamboozled Secret Service and continue to reap their 15 minutes of fame, right?