Do your boobs hang low? Do they wobble to-and-fro? You should probably fix that!

Susan Nethero, the woman behind custom lingerie fitting shop Intimacy (there's a new one in Tysons Corner Mall) is in town and actually hosted a party last night with 100 lucky ladies with Tommy McFly and Kelly Collis. She's been on Oprah five times and loads of other shows, and even got Rosie O'Donnell to get in touch with her feminine side: "she ordered dozens of them in all different styles and colors, like reds and hot pinks, when she found out how comfortable and fun they could be!" Nethero said.

I got the chance to talk to the famous bra lady yesterday before the party, and get fitted by her! Turns out I was COMPLETELY wrong, both the number and the cup size, when I went in there. Find out what size I really am, and find out what we're all doing wrong in "10 Things Bra Whisperer Susan Nethero Whispered To Me!"