Food Trucks Are All The Rage

by NIKKI BOGOPOLSKAYA · August 13, 2010

    Maybe its with all the restaurant week talk around town, but we have been very hungry lately. Our hunger has inspired us to seek out food in places we normally wouldn't, like food trucks. We didn't love the food truck idea initially-long line in the heat/cold, lack of service, lack of reliable location, but ever since we gave it a try, it has really warmed up to us. Because after all, what's better than a $5 (or $10, or $15) lunch, authentically and freshly prepared? We've even bought into actively following food trucks on Twitter and praying to the internet Gods that they will decide to park close to our office that afternoon.

    A roundup of our faves:

    -Fojol Bros: (@fojolbros): A classic favorite by Adams Morgan natives, Fojol Bros serve fresh vegetarian and meat based meals over basmati rice, as well as a selection of meat "lollipops" and chips. All utensils and packaging are environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Catch them today on 13th and K NW, they find themselves in the Farragut West and North area often.

    -Sâuçá (@wheresauca): Sâuçá runs two food carts, Saucalito and PANGEA, offering delicious fish, meat, and vegetarian soft shell tacos and a plethora of accompanying soups and sides. If that's not enough, they have over 20 sauces ranging from "chimichurri" to "indian mint chili" to "sweet ginger soy." All their menu options are under $10, allowing curious eaters to try a variety of tastes. Find PANGEA at K&14th NW today, or make the trek over to Penn & North Carolina SE for the original Saucalito.

    -Red Hook Lobster Pound (@lobstertruckDC): Lobster rolls for $15, lobster bisque for $8, and various daily refreshments straight from Brooklyn natives. Red Hook Lobster Pound is one of DC's newest food trucks, and we have yet to have tasted its incredibly reviewed offerings. They're not out today due to acopolyptic weather-smart lobsters.

    -Takorean: (@takorean): Korean tacos?! We're sold. At $3 a pop, we're sure the line will be out the door when the truck finally opens later this month. Follow their Twitter for more updates so that you, like us, could be at the front of the line.

    -DC Slices (@DCslices): Pizza! From New York! By the slice! Founded by two world travelers and long time street food pros, DC slices serves piping hot pizza slice or pie style, with a variety of toppings. The founders claim that they have tried pizza in 26 countries, and want to take the truck touring. Can we hop on that tour schedule (please?). Like Fojol Bros and Sâuçá, you can find them in Farragut West today.

    For news on all of DC's food trucks, a fellow fattie in training has compiled this useful account.

    Happy eating!

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