The Kastles Beat The NY Sportstimes Despite Rain Delay

by MADELEINE STARKEY · July 21, 2010

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    At this point, you should all just have an umbrella on your person every day.  Every where you go.  Rain is apparently the biggest thing to hit D.C. this July--forget Top Chef and DC Cupcakes.  But Kastles players and fans did not let a few raindrops put a damper (pun intended) on their fun last night.

    Legendary hot head (oh, yeah, and tennis champ) John McEnroe of the New York Sportstimes disappointed the crowd by staying relatively calm throughout both his singles and doubles appearances.  Nary a thrown raquet!

    The real excitement came when, surprise surprise, it rained.  Some spectators retreated to the tents, while others threw in the towel and went home.  Wait, scratch that.  The real excitement came when the Kastles won--there's a reason we're reigning WTT champions.

    To demonstrate his commitment to continuing the night of tennis, Kastles owner Mark Ein (right) set aside his competitive inclinations to pose with NY's super hunky Robert Kendrick.

    Tonight marks the last home game of the regular Kastles season.  The conference championships take place this Friday, July 23rd.

    Tonight, the Kastles square off against the St. Louis Aces, helmed by Anna Kournikova.

    Go Kastles!