Yogenwhat?! A Guide To Distinguishing The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly of DC's Frozen Yogurt

by MEREDITH FINEMAN · August 16, 2010

    We are frozen yogurt addicts. Maybe it's the way the green tea yogurt swirls. Maybe it's the slightly chewy, squishy, delightful taste of Mochi that gets us up in the morning. We dream of sprinkles. For many years our home of DC was void of froyo spots, but now they are aplenty. Read on ye frozen yogurt enthusiasts!

    The Swirl Scale:

    one swirl: yuck

    two swirls: better than eating your hand

    three swirls: not bad

    four swirls: pretty good

    five swirls: i just had a frogasm


    Pros: Lots of flavors, self-serve, constantly changing flavors, less expensive than other places.

    Cons: quality of tangy flavors is pretty low, some flavors are weird with good intent but poor execution, NO MOCHI.

    Overall: two swirls - -


    Pros: lots of fresh fruit, also serves cupcakes, one of the originals, generous servings.

    Cons: too tangy, no non-tangy flavors, dingy atmosphere.

    Overall: three swirls


    Pros: fun atmosphere, great consistency, loyalty program (spend a certain amount and get a free small serving), good mochi.

    Cons: we've seen the faux-pebble floor before, expensive.

    Overall: four swirls

    Mr. Yogato

    Pros: fun atmosphere, possible discounts, happening spot.

    Cons: I don't want a stamp on my forehead.

    Overall: three swirls.

    - - Yogenfruz

    Pros: interesting and different concept, you can make your own flavor, tastes very fresh.

    Cons: fruit chunks can be annoying, small servings.

    Overall: three swirls


    Pros: one of the only fro-yo places in Georgetown, very good Watermelon tangy flavor, squishy mochi.

    Cons: styrofoam cups are bad for the environment, no seating room, NO SAMPLES.

    Overall: three swirls


    Pros: "healthy," cool spoons (really, the consistency is great), lots of fresh fruit toppings.

    Cons: Who uses croutons as a topping? There is only one flavor, and it tastes kinda like regular yogurt. Again, no mochi. Also, Sweetflow is the name of their yogurt, and it sounds kinda suggestive.

    Overall: 3 swirls


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