Twitterific Tweets: August Much?

by ARIELLE KRIEGER · August 11, 2010

    Chris_Moody @Chris_Moody Fox News has been talking about a tiny dancing robot for like 10 minutes now. August much? -

    Molly @MissMolly_DC Doesn't everyone? RT @lizzieohreally: Yes, I drive out of my way for chick-fil-a. - - The Washington Post @washingtonpost Well, the woman who quit her job via dry erase board? That was a hoax: - via @abc - City Paper DC @wcp @alexbaca says B&Ws are too big. Impossible. RT @metrocurean Banner near Georgetown Cupcake: "proud fans of Baked & Wired." Cupcake wars! - Patrick Ruffini @PatrickRuffini Things that should have an end-of-life provision: Wonkette. - - Missy Frederick @TopShelfWBJ The details on Shake Shack's pending arrival. #wbj